summer 2016 / limited edition


travel feeds the soul. adventure excites the senses. for thrilling sights in an array of shades, antigua, guatemala is the place to just be. summertime is the moment to get inspired by adventurous color, and there is no better place to defy convention and go bold than the sun-soaked shores of viva antigua!

fall 2016 / limited edition


taking centre stage this season is iconic rock ‘n’ roll royalty: the queen of the entourage, the unstoppable, impossibly stylish muse. the six new compelling shades of the fall 2016 collection capture the powerful allure of the ingénues of the rock era with intensely saturated hues.

luxeffects 2016 / limited edition


featuring palettes of essie’s signature metallic and iridescent glitters, the fringe luxeffects 2016 collection is a bubbly, confetti-fuelled party for nails. fringed, frilled, flared and tasselled, these dazzling shades push the fashion envelope and add breathtaking drama in seconds!