meet brand essie


the woman behind it all

I am Essie Weingarten, or “New York’s Color Queen,” as I’m known in the business, and I fell in love with color the moment my mother first introduced me to a nail salon.

I fell in love with color as a beauty buyer at Henri Bendel, and I began making my own nail shades. In 1981, my first colors became an instant hit when introduced to nail salons.

Soon I had over 300 shades in 250,000 salons and spas worldwide. Today the name essie is synonymous with gorgeous, rich, premium nail color.

my brand’s history

America’s nail salon expert since 1981, essie was founded in New York City by Essie Weingarten and is beloved for its visionary approach to nail lacquer featuring catchy, clever names.

A leader in luxury, essie is centre stage on runways around the world from New York to Paris.

essie offers highly-anticipated color collections, exclusively curated by the Global Color Designer, Rebecca Minkoff. Essie is commited to safe standards with an award-winning line of nail care products and more than 1000 shades.